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Why You Should Consider Non-Operative Orthopedic Treatments

As long as you’re active in any sporting activities, chances are high that you can suffer an injury. However, many people often fear orthopedic treatments as they perceive most of them as surgical. Fortunately, you can overcome that injury or pain, keeping you off the pitch with a Portland non-operative orthopaedic specialist. Although there are surgical procedures that deal with sports injuries, the most effective and preferred options are nonsurgical treatments.

Surgery often leaves behind various side effects that can even keep your sporting career at bay. If you’ve been wondering how a non-operative orthopedic surgery comes in handy in boosting your career, this guide is for you. Let’s examine the top five reasons you should consider non-operative orthopedic treatments.

1. Minimally invasive options

Not every sporting condition should be addressed using surgery. Most of these conditions can be effectively managed by nonsurgical options. Needle-based procedures like PRP, hyaluronic acid injections, and bone marrow aspirate can heal chronic joint conditions and injuries without leaving behind severe side effects. These options help you recover quickly so you can get back to your favorite activities without any difficulties.

2. Quick and painless treatments

Generally, time is an important factor, especially if you lead a busy schedule. Unlike surgery, which requires much of your time, non-operative orthopedic treatments mainly involve injections that take minimal time. Although this will depend on your needs, these treatments are quick. On the other hand, non-operative treatments are usually painless procedures. Since the injections will make minimal incisions and you will be provided with anesthesia, you can expect minimal discomfort.

3. Short recovery time

It’s no secret that you should take much time to heal if you undergo surgery. However, non-operative treatments are minimally invasive, requiring little to no downtime. While you may experience some mild swelling or inflammation after the injection, you won’t need much time to recover and return to the pitch fully.

4. They ease pain and improve mobility

Being active in sports means you want the quickest way to improve your pain and mobility so that you can return to your typical schedule. If so, non-operative treatment options are your ideal solution since they provide quick relief. For instance, you may develop joint pain due to overuse, injury, arthritis, or wear and tear. However, nonsurgical options like PRP can help reduce joint inflammation, thus easing your pain and improving mobility.

5. No scarring

We all understand the negative impact that comes after surgery, especially invasive ones. The big scars left behind after surgery can give birth to more complications in the future which can limit your ability to stay on top of your game. However, the case differs from non-operative orthopedic treatments since most involve injections, medications, or therapies. Furthermore, these options don’t leave severe side effects. Also, your provider tailors you with a customized approach that meets your unique needs.

Considering the incredible outcomes of non-operative orthopedic treatments, you have an ideal solution in case of injuries or accidents. These minimally invasive options ensure your safety and accelerate your healing process to regain mobility quickly. If you’re active in sports or lead an active lifestyle, you shouldn’t worry about injuries or pain since these innovative nonsurgical treatments can improve your condition.

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