Saturday, March 2, 2024

Why Handwritten Cards are still Better than Email amidst a Technology-driven World

Sending messages has never been easier nowadays with the advancement of technology. People’s thoughts or ideas can now be quickly expressed through simple taps on their smartphones and digital gadgets or a few keystrokes on their keyboard. When people want to send to send messages or letters, it is more often done electronically using digital connections. Email is the most preferred digital platform to communicate around the globe. It seems that the art of sending handwritten letters, notes or cards is almost forgotten. But why do we really have to relive the power of these personalized stuff amidst too much digitalization? Because it has been proven that anything personalized and handwritten is way better than email for the following reasons:

Handwritten notes or cards can create lasting impression. Personal connections are being reduced whenever people rely much on electronic means of communications such as email, SMS and Messenger. Messages may cramp up in inboxes and often get lost or worse, left unopened or unread in spam or junk folders. Meanwhile, sending a handwritten card or letter will instantly provide a feeling of being important to the receiver. Handwritten cards certainly have an impact in terms of building a personal connection.

Effective way of getting the message across. There’s no doubt that emailing is the most preferred way of sending a message because it’s convenient to use and sending is instant with virtually no cost. But we can’t deny how personalized handwritten messages become an effective tool of communication in today’s technology-driven world. Whether it’s for expressing feelings, thanking someone or for career and business-related correspondence; these handwritten notes and cards represent honesty and value on the message that the sender wants to convey. Messages written by hand will leave a visual imprint, a feeling of nostalgia while effectively expressing one’s thoughts or ideas.

But did you know that sending personalized handwritten cards can also be convenient nowadays? With the help of thank you card mailing service, people all over the world can now confidently and conveniently send their message across any country. Whether for professional or for personal use, this service is proven to offer a lot of advantages compared to the digital way of showing gratitude. Despite being a product of technology, their personalized stuff has a more authentic finish and a more personal touch.

Writing is an art form worth keeping. A real letter or a handwritten card sent the old fashion way through snail mail is worth propagating. Sentiments and memories are worth keeping and not to disappear into the vastness of internet. Let’s keep the art of handwriting alive in today’s digitally driven world. After all, people more than ever crave personal connections and appreciation on a deeper level.

Handwritten notes and cards are still the best way to send messages especially in showing our gratitude to anyone. We may be living in a very fast paced world, but let us not forget to always find a way how to send the best messages without sacrificing our precious time by using helpful and reliable services available online. Personalized handwritten messages are still effective because they show the true intention of the sender and they tend to give the feeling of importance to the receiver.

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