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Treatments Option for Spider Vein Problem

You may want to wear that bikini during your summer holiday or walk along the beach with a pair of shorts while enjoying the breeze. However, the stubborn spider veins on your legs and arms cannot allow as they make you look different. They form on visible areas limiting you from wearing whatever you would wish. If you are struggling with these problems, vein therapy Katy will help eliminate your problem. They use different treatment procedures depending on the location and severity of your spider veins. Modern treatments have become effective and have better outcomes that give patients a new and promising appearance. Worried about your spider veins? Here are possible treatments for you.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is the most popular and effective mode of treatment that most specialists use to treat spider veins. The procedure works well for spider and varicose veins that are small and have not protruded excessively on the skin. The laser works by destroying the visible veins without damaging the skin above. The procedure ensures the small veins disappear immediately, and large veins take some time to disappear completely. You must go for various laser treatment sessions to achieve full results. The procedure has minimal side effects and does not cause pain as it uses radio waves to treat the veins.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings can be used on different occasions to help eliminate your spider or varicose veins. First, people with varicose veins can wear it as it helps reduce their risks. Once it exerts pressure on the protruding veins, they being to go away and disappear beneath the skin. Patients may also wear them after a laser treatment for some time to help eliminate the problem. Compression stockings help smooth blood flow to the heart by compressing the veins, minimizing swelling on your legs, and preventing blood clots that occur with varicose veins. The procedure does not necessarily treat the problem but helps minimize the health threats of varicose and spider veins.

Vein Stripping

Vein stripping is a surgical procedure used to remove varicose veins. The procedure may remove the entire vein, especially if it has a clot that prevents blood from flowing or ties it to prevent the advancing varicose vein. This is a major procedure that requires anesthesia followed by the procedure to eliminate discomfort. You must wear compression stockings for the recovery journey until you are healed. The procedure is not ideal for spider veins since it may tamper with other small veins with no problem.

Radiofrequency Ablation

It is a major procedure for treating serious varicose veins. The doctor will insert a catheter to eliminate the varicose vein. You will then wear a compression stocking to aid in healing until you are back to normal. The procedure is used after all other treatments have failed to offer a lasting solution.

Spider and varicose veins may affect your daily living, resulting in pain and discomfort. They also make you feel embarrassed and limit you from wearing the dress code of your choice. Worry no more if you have struggled with the problem, as various treatment options can help eliminate the problem. Once you identify a good facility with experienced specialists, your problem will be a thing of the past.

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