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Top 5 Reasons You Might Need an Echocardiogram

Breathing issues, chest pain, heart murmur, or other cardiovascular health-related symptoms can call for an echocardiogram. The diagnostic tool is widely used to reveal your heart activity to point out any cardiac issues. The Port Saint Lucie echocardiogram specialists can catch abnormalities and issues affecting your heart to understand the right treatment for your symptoms. The test uses sound waves and poses little to no risks compared to other radiation diagnostic procedures. The test can be used to monitor the effectiveness and safety of a particular treatment or procedure to make it most suitable. Here are some reasons why your doctor can call for an echocardiogram.

You Have Experienced a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are common today due to a sedentary lifestyle. The condition can cause a part of your heart muscles to die. It is commonly caused by a blood clot or coronary artery disease, which limits blood flow to your heart. Weakened heart muscles cause complications and affect the overall heart function. Your heart might fail to pump blood properly after a heart attack increases your chances of more life-threatening issues. Fortunately, your doctor can employ an echocardiogram to evaluate how your heart pumps blood and see what can be done to improve the function.

You Report Chest Pain

Several factors can contribute to chest pain. Your doctor will request an echocardiogram to confirm or rule out heart muscle issues. You can experience chest pain when you are experiencing angina, where your heart muscles fail to get enough blood. The coronary artery could be to blame, which can be effectively diagnosed through an echocardiogram. Since other factors outside the heart can also cause heart pain, the test can guide your doctor on where to look. After the test, they can focus on lung infections, indigestion, torn arteries, panic attacks, or other possible reasons for chest pain.

Your Hurt Murmurs

You probably have seen your doctor listen to your heartbeat during a regular physical visit. The aim is to discover any unusual or extra sounds in your heart rhythm called murmurs. Although most murmurs are often harmless, they could also indicate anemia or serious problems like defects in your heart. Fortunately, an echocardiogram can help your doctor understand what is causing the heart murmurs and know the right steps to take.

You Got a Heart Valve Disease

It is the work of heart valves to maintain blood flow through your heart. Valve complications can cause blood to back up, making it hard for your heart to pump blood. Overworking your heart can destroy the heart muscles causing severe problems. Your doctor can recommend regular echocardiograms to monitor your heart activity as they manage the valve disease.

Your Chances of a Stroke are High

You can be a good candidate for an echocardiogram if you have suffered a stroke or your health risk is high. Remember that a stroke involves a blood clot in your arteries or broken blood vessels that prevent blood flow to your brain. The leading cause of strokes is when a blood clot happens in your heart, and your doctor needs to investigate the situation. The echocardiogram helps your doctor locate the blood clot for better management before it causes more complications.

An echocardiogram is a crucial diagnostic tool for several cardiac complications. Contact the TLC Medical Group Inc specialists if you think the test can benefit you. Book a consultation appointment immediately via a call or online for more information.

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