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Should you consider online counseling and therapy? Find here!

The pandemic had paused our life for a while. We have all restored to virtual ways of getting things done, and even as we get back to normal life, people want to continue with the online way of life. This brings us to a big question – Do online therapy and video counseling work? We have a few pointers below for your help. You can also compare outcomes with other treatments such as Reiki healing that Melbourne locals often try, in order to find the best option for you. 

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The pros

  1. Accessibility could be a concern for some people seeking therapy. Driving for two long hours to see your counselor may not be an option for you, and that’s where online therapy comes in handy. 
  2. You can feel more comfortable. Seeing a therapist in person has its benefits, but for many people, the decision to see a counselor is often the toughest. It only makes sense that you make yourself comfortable through phone and video calls before you meet the counselor. 
  3. Online therapy is also more affordable, which makes it a viable choice for many people who cannot otherwise pay for counseling. This could be a great way to save money, also because you don’t have to pay for travel. 
  4. You can take a call on whether you want to continue. It is okay to feel unsure about a therapist or counselor, but online counseling certainly makes things approachable. You can decide whether you want to continue with the therapist. 
  5. Finally, video calls and online counseling allow you to remain in a familiar environment. Your counselor must still adhere to confidentiality clauses; therefore, there are no privacy concerns. 

The cons

  1. Because online therapists are away from their clients, they cannot always judge things on call and video. This is also the primary reason why being honest with your counselor is so important. 
  2. For certain mental health conditions and psychiatric issues, meeting a therapist in person is a must. This may not work for everyone. 
  3. While on a video call, therapists can sense a few things, but knowing the patient’s body language is more straightforward in person. 

Online therapy is valuable and a reliable option for many people. If you go by the pros and cons, you can still see that the benefits override the concerns, and that’s a great thing. Check online for counseling centers that offer online options, and you can take the first session to decide whether you want to continue. Just remember that you would need more than one appointment. 

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