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How Can Effortless IVF Improve Your Chances of Fertility Rate?

Struggling with infertility can be disheartening and frustrating. If standard IVF treatments are not yielding results, you can turn to effortless IVF to increase your chances of conception and implantation. Bedford effortless IVF uses precise strategies like incubating the eggs and sperm in your body, just like the natural method of egg fertilization.

Who is the right candidate for the treatment?

Your fertility specialist will evaluate your medical records to determine whether you are a good candidate for the treatment. Since the procedure is clear-cut, your doctor requires you to meet the criteria for an eligible candidate.

You are a good candidate for effortless IVF if you have unexplained fertility despite undergoing specific and necessary tests to determine your fertility rate. Men with low sperm count and low sperm motility can benefit from effortless IVF. Because the procedure involves shorter visits to the facility, it can cater to people who live far away but seek IVF treatment.

Women who can benefit from effortless IVF have certain characteristics, including normal to high egg counts, with a weight of less than 190 pounds and a BMI of less than 35. Your specialist will examine your reproductive system with a special focus on your fallopian tubes to ensure smooth egg collection.

How does the treatment work?

Effortless IVF protocols follow principles that are slightly different from traditional IVF. During your treatment cycle, your specialist will provide a combination to stimulate egg production. After egg collection, your doctor will combine several eggs with sperm in a petri dish. Then, they will place the eggs and sperm in an INVOcell and place it in your vagina for fertilization.

Instead of fertilization occurring outside your body, as is common with standard IVF, effortless IVF offers a natural environment for fertilization. Your vagina provides the right temperature and oxygen levels for successful fertilization and division of the embryo. After five days, your doctor will remove the INVOcell, check for embryo viability, and place the healthiest one in your uterus for implantation.

If you have more viable embryos, you can opt for embryo freezing and use them later. Before implantation, you can ask your specialist to conduct genetic testing on the embryos.

Benefits of effortless IVF

You can benefit from effortless IVF in the following ways:

Affordability and shorter visits

Effortless IVF is less expensive than traditional IVF, especially when comparing the treatment cycle and duration. Your specialist will offer a specific approach to treatment that is highly individualized to provide the best outcome. The shorter visits ensure convenience, especially for patients who live far from the facility.

Higher success rate than traditional IVF

Effortless IVF offers an increased chance of successful fertilization and implantation largely because of the INVOcell and its placement in the vagina. The development occurs within your vagina, increasing the rate of survival and viability.

If you want to increase your chances of conception despite unsuccessful traditional IVF treatments, visit Effortless IVF for treatment. The facility will provide you with precise and highly-personalized fertility treatment. Call or book your appointment online today and increase your successful conception rate. 

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