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Health Insurance Plans for Truck Drivers

Getting medical insurance as a truck driving force may be tricky. Similar to

full-time RVers and different folks who tour regularly for work (or for play), truck

drivers could have a tough time locating medical insurance this is less costly

and bendy.

While a few trucking agencies provide their hired or reduced in size truckers medical insurance, now and again they don`t and now and again that insurance is simply too high-priced or now no longer bendy enough.

Health coverage for truck drivers isn’t best to be had however there are some alternatives to explore:

An character or own circle of relatives plan

Short-time period medical insurance plan

Medicaid or CHIP

A authorities compliant medsharing plan

It`s additionally crucial to observe that dental, vision, essential illness, or twist of fate coverage aren`t usually blanketed through medical insurance plans. However, you could get insurance for such things as those via supplemental coverage

Individual and Family Plans

One alternative truck drivers have for medical insurance is an character or own circle of relatives plan. These also are called Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plans. You can get those plans via authorities exchanges or via brokers. Brokers like eHealth will let you navigate your alternatives for no greater value and discover the plan that fits your needs.

You can sign up in character and own circle of relatives medical insurance plans for the duration of the open enrollment length, which usually runs from November 1st via December fifteenth every yr in maximum states for medical insurance plans beginning on January 1st of the subsequent yr.

Some states have completely prolonged open enrollment. These states have completely prolonged their open enrollment length from November 1st via January thirty first of the subsequent yr:


Washington D.C.

It`s crucial to observe that medical insurance plans are usually to be had through the country and zip code in that you live. This is crucial to recollect whilst managing medical insurance for truck drivers due to the fact truckers generally tend to tour. Some truckers tour over country traces because of this that their medical insurance might not cowl them in the event that they want healthcare whilst at the road.

You have to additionally realize that, relying to your earnings, you could get a subsidy to assist come up with the money for your month-to-month medical insurance rates. You can research greater approximately if you will qualify for ACA subsidies and the affordability of medical insurance with eHealth.

Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Short-time period

medical insurance plans are notable for individuals who discover ACA medical insurance

rates unaffordable. They`re additionally notable for folks who are stuck between

jobsĀ  and rely upon their organisation for

institution medical insurance.

Short-time period medical insurance enables offer less costly medical insurance insurance protection internet for individuals who can`t come up with the money for character or own circle of relatives coverage.

It`s crucial to preserve in thoughts that short-time period plans can deny you primarily based totally on pre-current situations or can refuse to pay for take care of clinical situations the coverage holder had earlier than the plan took effect.

You can get began out seeking out short-time period medical insurance with eHealth.

While those plans are reasonably-priced and might offer you with a few medical insurance insurance, they do now no longer have almost as complete of insurance as ACA-compliant plans.

Medicaid or CHIP

If you qualify, you’ll be capable of obtain medical insurance insurance via authorities subsidized applications like Medicaid or CHIP, the Children`s Health Insurance Program.

In order to qualify for Medicaid and CHIP you ought to meet a sure most earnings requirement. If you’re making greater than the most earnings you’ll now no longer qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. Get greater records and notice if qualify for Medicaid with eHealth.

Medsharing Plans


alternative truck drivers have for medical insurance is authorities compliant

medsharing plans. These plans are much like conventional medical insurance

besides your rates are positioned into an escrow account. Apart from the Member`s

Shared Responsibility Amount, claims are paid via the escrow account.

Preventative care, doctor`s visits, prescription reductions are all matters you could count on to be protected in a Medsharing plan.

You can usually buy insurance via those plans yr round, besides for a PPO network, and could now no longer need to pay the tax penalty for going with out coverage.

Can I be Fined for Going Without Insurance?

While the tax penalty has been repealed at a federal level, you could nevertheless be taxed for now no longer having medical insurance in a few states. This approach that in case you do now no longer have an ACA-compliant medical insurance plan, you could be taxed in:

Yes, in a few states you could be fined for now no longer having ACA-compliant medical insurance.


New Jersey

Rhode Island

Washington D.C.

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