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Giving Your Child a Better Smile

A child’s smile is important to their growth and self-esteem. As a parent, you can ensure that your child can comfortably smile when socializing with other kids. Your Cedar Park children’s orthodontics specialist can help restore your child’s smile and bite. Let the professional handle it, whether it is a crossbite, severe overjet, or underbite.

Early orthodontics guides how the teeth grow and look when the child becomes an adult. Straightening the teeth and misaligned jaw bones ensures your child will grow with a nice set of teeth. Furthermore, the procedures to correct the conditions are easier to perform when the child is still growing.

Common conditions of children’s orthodontics

  • Openbite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Excessive space between teeth
  • Thumb sucking
  • Crowding
  • Severe overjet
  • Holding space after tooth loss

Why should you embrace children’s orthodontics early?

The earlier you take your child for evaluation and treatment, the better the chances of remedying the situation quicker. The following are some reasons you should consider early children’s orthodontics.

Early detection of conditions

Early evaluation from a specialist means early treatment for the child. The orthodontist will catch any misalignment before it sets and correct it in good time. A child of seven years is a good candidate to have their teeth checked.

Flexible treatments

Your child will have different treatment options because they are still growing and developing. The orthodontist will have a variety of treatments to choose from that will suit your child best. If the patient is older and the jawbone is already set, the specialist will have a short list of treatment options.  

Reduce the likelihood of extractions

Early orthodontics reduces the likelihood of extractions by making room for the yet to grow permanent teeth. If your child has excessive spaces between the teeth or crowding, orthodontics will align them and ensure that any growing teeth will be in their rightful place.

Saves money and treatment time

The cost of aligning teeth and jawbones is much cheaper when a patient is still a child. The cost is much higher when they grow up because the jawbone and teeth are already set. Children’s orthodontics uses interceptive treatments which stop the condition from developing further.

In addition, the time spent going to the doctor will be cut by almost half because the check-ups and evaluation visits can easily fit into a child’s schedule. By doing so, you will reduce or eliminate future visits to an orthodontist.

When should your child see an orthodontist?

The earlier your child visits a specialist, the easier and better the chances of giving them a winning smile. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, a child above seven can visit an orthodontist. Freedom Orthodontics in Texas will evaluate your child’s dental system and provide appropriate treatment options.

You will get a free consultation if your child is over seven years old. Equipped with a qualified and effective team, you can be sure your child is in good hands. Book an appointment today or visit Freedom Orthodontics to give your child the confidence to thrive. 

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