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Everything You Should Know About Dental Implants

After losing one or multiple teeth due to decay or an injury, your incomplete smile may affect your self-confidence and significantly compromise your oral health. Dr. Schraner and his team use digital technology to design customized Yonkers dental implants to restore your attractive smile and preserve your oral health.

Why you need dental implants and restorations

Dental implants are titanium posts your dentist places in your mouth to provide a sturdy foundation for your new teeth. Implant restorations are the false teeth that your provider attaches to the dental implants to eliminate the gaps in your smile. These restorations are the strongest option for replacing missing teeth and restoring your natural vibrant smile. Additionally, the team offers customized restorations to ensure they fit snugly and don’t interfere with your speech and eating ability.

Missing one or several teeth can significantly affect your smile aesthetics and general health. Dental implants present a permanent solution to severely damaged or missing teeth and are more durable and stable than dentures and bridges. If you fail to replace missing teeth, you may get sunken cheeks, making you appear older, lose the surrounding teeth, lose your jawbone, or experience difficulty chewing. Dental implants help you bypass all these potential troubles without demanding extensive upkeep and maintenance.

What to expect during an implant restoration process

During your initial appointment at Yonkers Dental Arts, Dr. Schraner discusses your dental goals and expectations and does a thorough oral exam. She may also get impressions and images of your mouth to obtain the ideal positioning. The team then utilizes these impressions to design custom restorations that fit comfortably and blend in with your natural teeth. After creating your prostheses, your provider schedules a fitting appointment to ensure the prostheses are up to your liking and fit well. They may make a few necessary adjustments during this appointment. After placing the prostheses on your dental implants, your new teeth will feel like a natural part of your smile. The procedure may require several months to complete, most of this time going to the healing of your jawbone before attaching the dental restorations.

What to expect after  an implant restoration process

As with all dental surgeries, you may experience some discomfort during the healing process, and after the attachment of the dental crowns or bridges, you may require some time to adjust to your new teeth. Side effects of this process include swelling on your face and gums, pain at the implant site, minor bleeding, and slight bruising. These side effects improve over time as you heal. Dr. Schraner may recommend avoiding hard foods during the initial healing process. She may also prescribe pain relievers or antibiotics after dental surgery to speed up healing and prevent infection. If you find your side effects worsening at any time, don’t hesitate to inform your provider to avoid escalating these problems. Additionally, the team may instruct you to care for your dental restorations to extend their lifespan and prevent other dental issues.

If you are interested in eliminating the gaps in your smile, call Dr. Schraner or book your appointment online.

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