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Debunking the Common Hydrafacial Myths

In addition to being the largest part of the body, the skin usually protects the other. As it protects the other organs, it will likely suffer some damage calling for some treatments. One common treatment is Hydrafacial, where the specialist conducts exfoliation, extraction, cleansing, and hydrating of the skin while removing impurities and dead skin cells. Due to its effectiveness, there has been an increase in Hydrafacial Coral Gables application. The following are the common myths you could have heard about Hydrafacial.

All Hydrafacial is the Same

Some people believe that the patients get the same Hydrafacial regardless of having varying skin conditions. This belief has made some lose trust in the treatment. However, the truth is that these treatments are customized according to the individual’s skin demands giving the person extremely effective results. The specialist considers your need in determining the ratio, the type of serums to apply, and how long the subprocess will take. You should therefore visit a specialist to determine the best treatment for you.

The Hydrafacial Extraction Have Severe Risks

 Some people have been avoiding this process because they fear it will expose them to various risks. However, since no squeezing or pressing is carried out, this process is similar to a gentle massage. Most people praise this procedure because it is painless and gentle and does not have the negative effects exposed by traditional facials. Moreover, you will not have any lingering peeling or irritation after undergoing it. This process also helps treat skin conditions such as acne without downtime or aftercare instructions.

It Cannot Be Coupled With Other Treatments

Some people fear that they cannot get skin treatment after the Hydrafacial. However, most patients have injectable, laser, and non-ablative light treatments safely even the same day after the Hydrafacial treatment. In this scenario, the person will only require to have boosters and LED treatments after the sessions. The specialist could also use the V-beam or intense pulsed light to minimize redness and treat sun damage.

It Does not Last Long

Some people have avoided the Hydrafacial since they perceive it will not last long. The truth is that the Hydrafacial usually lasts longer than traditional facials. This therapy is aimed at making the person feel better over some time. Since it is a continuous process, the person should undergo the procedure every four to six weeks.

Its Results Are Not Consistent

Some people avoid Hydrafacial due to the fear that it offers inconsistent results. However, since the process is carried out by a high-tech skin care method, it offers consistent results. Most patients praise this therapy since it offers efficient and secure results regardless of who administers it, unlike traditional facials with scarring and inflammation risks.

Most people having skin conditions need help finding a facility they can trust. If you have this condition, you should not continue to suffer since Martha Viera Dermatology is here for you. The facility has an outstanding reputation for successful treatment over the years. Contact the facility to book the appointment today. You can also call it if you have any inquiries.

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