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6 Key Questions To Ask Your Obstetrician

A woman’s emotions and questions throughout pregnancy are complicated, and there are no easy answers. You will likely have a long list of questions on your initial appointment with your obstetrician, which is often between the 8th and 9th week of pregnancy. It is generally advisable to attend the obstetric visit prepared with a list of queries. While you might think some of your questions are unnecessary, understand that there is nothing like a ‘dumb’ question when it comes to obstetrics McAllen, TX. The specialists are there for you and will respond to all your concerns. Meanwhile, continue reading to discover some of the key questions to ask.

  1.     Can You Take Over-the-Counter Meds?

Always double double-check with your physician before starting any new or different medications. These medications could be as simple as mineral and vitamin supplements to complex ones like thyroid tablets. If these medications are not safe for you and your baby, your doctor might advise you to quit taking them.

  1.     Can You Continue to Work Throughout your Pregnancy?

Most women may keep working until they give birth. However, if your profession entails physical activity, your physician may suggest measures or limitations ensure the safety of your unborn child. Beyond that, excessively emotional and job stress could also harm your child; thus, discussing your workload with your boss is best.

  1.     Should You Have A C-Section?

Research shows that one out of every three women undergoes cesarean delivery. Numerous women desire a normal birth, and your physician is the best person to determine if this is possible for you. Specific conditions, like advanced maternal age, gestational diabetes, obesity, or past deliveries, may warrant a C-section delivery as the best choice for both mother and baby.

  1.     Can You Continue Having Sexual Encounters When Pregnant?

Numerous women ask these pregnancy-related questions during the first trimester. Most partners worry that sexual activity will harm their unborn child or possibly the mother. However, most physicians will encourage you not to stress about sexual activity if you have no health complications and to do whatever feels comfortable. As your belly grows, you might need to experiment with various positions to determine the most comfortable one.

  1.     Are There Any Dietary Limitations Necessary Throughout Pregnancy?

When most women ask this question, they are often talking about coffee. A specific caffeine amount, approximately 200 mg, is acceptable. However, caffeine could be present in other foods, including tea, chocolates, and beverages. Typically, grains, fruits, and dairy products are excellent foods to prioritize. Avoid raw meat, processed meat, and fatty, fried dishes.

  1.     Should You Utilize Breastfeeding Supplements?

Breastfeeding has numerous advantages for both the mother and the baby. Skin-to-skin contact and avoiding using pacifiers boost the development of the kids as well. If you are experiencing breastfeeding issues or your infant has unpredictable feeding needs, your doctor will prescribe utilizing a breast pump and keeping the milk for feeding later using a bottle. Any additional vitamins or formulae should only be administered following a doctor’s approval.

As lovely as pregnancy may be, it is normal to feel nervous and concerned about a healthy and safe delivery. It is vital to have open discussions with your obstetrician, as answers to some of your questions can put you at ease, which reciprocates in a positive pregnancy experience. At the Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley, you can access top-quality obstetric care from some of the best physicians in the Texas area. Arrange an appointment through mobile or book online today.

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