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5 Ways You Can Improve and Maintain Health

It would be best if you had good health to function properly and perform your daily activities. Although health comes naturally, there are ways you can make it better and make it last for longer. A health provider partners with you to help restore and improve your health. It gives you access to healthcare when you most need it. Troy Taylor AGNP-C leads the team at Oasis Healthcare Service in providing quality and affordable healthcare services to patients of all ages. Keep reading to learn about various services that can help maintain your health.

Wellness visits

Wellness visits are for everyone, even if you are in good health. Usually, your provider may recommend having the exams every year. It is a form of preventive care that may help discover health conditions before they become severe. Wellness exams include medical assessments, disease screening, diagnosis and treatment, and preventive services. Your provider checks your vital signs and performs physical exams, and It also gives you a chance to interact with your doctor and form a healthy relationship. Annual wellness exams are the ideal way to maintain your health and wellness. Schedule your wellness exam today or book online at Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc.

STD testing

Your sexual health is critical. STD testing at Oasis Healthcare Service allows you to know your status and enjoy your sexual freedom. The team offers testing and treatment for various STDs. Sometimes you do not need to have symptoms to undergo STD testing, especially if you are sexually active. Your provider conducts a thorough diagnosis to confirm your disease and provide treatments.


It involves a comprehensive medical examination, including medical history review, vital signs check, and diagnostic testing. Your provider completes the physical form as required by the relevant institution. Physicals help analyze your health to check for any health issues. When starting employment as a commercial motor vehicle driver, you may need DOT physicals. Your child may also need a physical exam before they can participate in physical activity or sports physicals.

Women’s Health

It involves health services to women of all ages, including medical examination, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of women’s health problems. Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc offers yearly exams, cervical and breast cancer screenings, family planning, clinical exams, and diagnostic testing.

IV hydration

IV hydration can help you solve various health issues, such as hangovers, fatigue, dehydration, and low energy. It is a treatment to deliver minerals and vitamins into your bloodstream. Oasis Healthcare Service offers a Myers cocktail IV infusion, a mixture of vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and magnesium, among other minerals. The Myers cocktail improves your mood and focus, boosts your immunity, relieves dehydration, treats hangover symptoms, and prevents colds and flu. Your provider introduces the fluids into your body system through an IV line in your arm.

Your health is entirely up to you. You can choose to work hand in hand with your health provider or not. However, if you are looking to live healthily you want to make the Oasis Healthcare Service team your friend. They provide various health services to maintain your health. It includes diagnoses and treatments for various health problems. Call their offices today to schedule your consultation and enjoy the benefits of these health services.

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