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5 Tips for Dealing with Lower Back Pain

Your spine supports the entire body but is prone to injuries and chronic pain. For instance, you may experience low back pain Glen Rock due to poor posture, improper lifting, and injuries. The lower back, pelvic muscles, and joints support the lower and upper body parts, and the pain could be disabling as it affects the legs and the spine. Fortunately, you can go for home remedies such as strengthening the muscles and alleviating the pain. Additionally, you can stretch and walk daily to improve lower back pain. These are the tips for dealing with low back pain.

Strengthen the Muscles

You can reduce lower back pain by building core strength. The muscles at the back should be strong as they support the spine and the entire upper body. Weaker muscles are prone to wear and tear and will predispose you to lower back pain. Therefore, you should choose the right exercises which build core strength and tone the muscles at the back. However, you should be careful with the chosen exercises as some might cause further damage to the muscles. Start with slight physical activity and increase the intensity of the exercises once you gain strength.

Stretch Daily and Take Walks

The back pain could result from tight muscles, as they put pressure on the spine and the pelvic joint. Thus, you should stretch daily to loosen the muscles and promote spinal health. Additionally, you may incorporate evening walks into your exercise routine as the walks are safe exercises for the back. Walking may lead to weight loss, which keeps pressure off the back and alleviates chronic pain.

Maintain a Good Sitting Position

Working at a stationary desk puts pressure on the supine and the lower back resulting in chronic pain. Therefore, you should avoid sitting positions that promote bad posture. Ensure your seat is ergonomic and maintains an upright posture at all times. You can choose a desk that offers proper desktop positioning to avoid leaning over for an extended time. Leaning affects the spine and could result in herniated discs and chronic pain.

Lift Correctly

Lifting weight is inevitable and could cause chronic back pain as it is easy to twist the muscles and joints incorrectly. The heavyweights cause muscle spasms and pain and could result in muscle wear and tear. When picking heavy items, you will engage your leg muscles and not the back muscles. Furthermore, it is wise to ask for help when lifting heavy items.

Epidural Injections and Surgery

Home remedies and lifestyle changes work for lower back pain, but you should seek medical assistance for persistent pain. An epidural injection relieves lower back pain and increases the range of motion around the pelvic region. The injection blocks pain and will delay or prevent surgery in the long run. However, you could need surgery to address the pain that doesn’t respond to medications and home remedies.

The lower back is predisposed to chronic pain due to lifestyle choices such as sitting for an extended time. A bad posture results in tight back muscles leading to pain and discomfort. Therefore, you should choose an ergonomic chair that keeps the spine straight and promote better posture. Additionally, lifting heavy weights results in pressure on the back and may lead to tears and wear of the tissues of the pelvic region. You should avoid lifting heavy weights or ask for assistance whenever you can. Furthermore, you may go for treatments such as epidural injections, and surgery does deal with lower back pain.

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