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5 Busted Myths Concerning Depression That Will Help You Understand This Condition

Depression is one of the common mental conditions affecting millions of individuals worldwide. This condition usually occurs due to the downward spiral of events causing the victims to have deep thoughts that cause chronic stress. For instance, individuals having love relationships that are not working often experience stressful thoughts that undermine their mental health. If left untreated, depression can trigger desperation among the victims, leading them to drug abuse and even suicide. Therefore, if you notice stressful thoughts in your life, you should seek psychotherapy services from New York Rappore, which will help you develop the coping skills to fight negative thoughts. Here are debunked myths about depression that will help you understand this condition as you prepare for your therapy.

This Condition Is Not Real

Some continue propagating the claims that depression is not a real mental illness. The truth, however, is that depression is a mood illness that impairs an individual’s thoughts and actions. This condition also occurs because of multiple factors ranging from biological to environmental factors. Therefore, you should never underrate depression since it is a complex condition that can undermine your capacity to conduct your normal activities.

Only Women Can Suffer From Depression

Most men are reluctant to seek help whenever they encounter social pressure. Usually, they fear that society will perceive them as less masculine and weak. The low report rates among men have consequently made some people believe that depression is a women’s condition which is not the case. Essentially, men are more vulnerable to depression than women and exhibit aggressive symptoms of depression, such as ease of anger and irritation.

Sadness and Depression Refer to the Same Thing

Once you wear a sad face, many people will likely consider you depressed. However, there is a difference between depression and sadness, especially when considering the symptoms’ resolution and duration. Notably, the sad feelings usually last for a short time, while the depressive episode can last for months or years, requiring medical intervention.

You Will Take the Medication for Your Entire Life

Although you will take the antidepressant for a long time, it will not necessarily extend over your life. Usually, depression medication depends on the severity of this mental illness. In addition to meditation, your doctor may recommend coping strategies that will help you reduce the severity of the depressive feelings. Therefore, with the right therapy, your symptoms will improve, reducing the need for antidepressants.

Discussing Depression Will Worsen This Condition

Sometimes depression can occur because of traumatic events such as accidents. The victims will keep on remembering the incidents, especially when they encounter the scenes of accidents. This instance can make them afraid of sharing horrible memories with others because they might think it will trigger depression episodes. However, the reality is that speaking about those traumatic events with your mental therapist can help to ease your symptoms.

Are you among the millions of individuals who suffer depression every year worldwide? If yes, you do not have to continue compromising your social life and productivity because of this mental condition. Visit Rappore, where a team of experienced specialists offers individualized therapy to patients suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. Book an online appointment or call their office today to get started with quality care.

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