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What is the 3/4 odds that so many people are interested in?

In today’s 4.0 technology era, surely no one is unfamiliar with soccer betting, right? And did you know that there are many different types of soccer betting alone? Today New88 I want to share with you a fairly popular type of bet today, that is 3/4 bet. Odds 3/4 What is that? And what’s special? Let’s find out with New889 blue!

What is the 3/4 odds that so many people are interested in?

Odds 3/4 In the betting world, it is called half-one bet, which is a type of bet that often appears in major football tournaments such as the Premier League, Euro or World Cup. This type of bet at first glance seems like the upper bet will be easier to win because it is rated higher than the lower, however, the upper team must win by at least 2 goals to win all the money.

To be able to start betting on this type of bet, you need to learn carefully about the match, side information, as well as your betting ability, only then can you have hope of winning against the house. One of a kind playing experience 3/4 bet is that you must have had a lot of matches to bet on for this category. Know how to record information and have probability statistics for each specific match.

3/4 handicap odds table.

The odds table is always a powerful assistant that players must understand clearly. Because all ratios and necessary information are expressed through numbers on this ratio table. For professional players, reading the odds table is extremely simple for them. So what factors influence the ratio table? Simply put, it can change because of many factors in a match: the performance of the two teams, the status of the players, the progress of the match,…

Normally, the 3/4 handicap only appears when the match has a large difference in performance between the two teams.

How to play 3/4 odds

Odds 3/4 Simply put, the team with the upper handicap must handicap the lower team by 3/4. And this can be understood simply as follows:

In case the upper handicap team wins the lower handicap team with a score of 1 – 0, the upper handicap team will win half the amount, and the lower handicap team will lose half that amount.

In case the upper team wins the lower team with a difference of 2 goals or more, then the upper handicap team is called the winner and wins the entire bet amount.

In case the two teams tie or the underdog wins, the higher handicap team loses the entire bet amount.

Experiences in 3/4 betting.

You should bet on the upper team in the following cases:

– Understand the information and nature of the match, check the odds carefully before and near the time of the match to see if there are any major changes. After that, if the odds do not change much, the winning bet of the upper bet is considered higher by the house and the winning ratio is in the range of 0.85 to 0.92, and the over/under condition must be 2.5 or more.

– The bookmaker’s initial bets are 1/4, but then closer to game time, it increases to 3/4 to increase the winnings, plus over/under.

– If the upper team has priority to play at their home field, is in good form, and has a positive head-to-head record, you should also choose the upper team.

There are some cases where you should choose the door below:

– When the match goes on for a long time and the upper bet still puts the payout at 0.8, then you should bet on the lower team.

– In case the match is near the end and the odds have dropped deeply, you should choose the underdog team.

– 3/4 handicap bets with high win rate and over/under for the entire match are only 2.25, so you should choose the under bet.
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Why should you choose the 3/4 bet and not the 1/2 bet?

In fact, people who are already professional bettors will choose the 3/4 handicap instead of choosing the 1/2 handicap like beginners. Because the skills and experience through each match will help players be able to look at the scoreboard and predict more accurately through numbers.

The indicators on the ratio table show many factors that not everyone knows. That is the correlation of forces between each side, the possible goal performance and thanks to that, players can firmly grasp the situation of the ongoing match. To be safe when playing, you should only choose the 3/4 handicap when you see that one of the two teams has superior strength compared to the other team. If two teams have similar levels, it will be very difficult to win this bet because the score will be a draw or not much different.


Hopefully with the article that New88 shared with you above, you have some understanding3/4 bet in soccer betting. Hope it is useful to you. Come onNew88 sportsTo better understand the bets you may be interested in and place bets on teams that you are sure to win. Good luck!

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