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Understanding the Working of Clear Aligners

Making a minor correction to your teeth should not worry you. You can succeed in the quest for a beautiful smile by choosing clear aligners, Carmichael. They blend in perfectly because of their almost invisible characteristic, thus promising you a non-embarrassing social interaction. You will get your tight-fitting aligner to help reposition your teeth, a safe and comfortable procedure. Do not miss your chance to restore your captivating smile. Get your aligners today.

What are Clear Aligners?

They are a series of mouthpieces, custom-made, and have a tight fit to address dental issues. Clear aligners may be plastic or ceramic, more apparent than metal braces, and have a wire attached. They align the teeth over time till the repositioning of your teeth finishes. Each aligner varies from one patient to another because your dentist designs them for your fitting.

Who can get Clear Aligners?

The best candidates for clear aligners are primarily teenagers and adults because it may be more complex to correct a child’s crooked teeth. Clear aligners can address mildly crowded teeth with minimal gaping issues. You may not be suitable for this treatment if you have a severe case of overcrowded teeth and gaping problems. You can also be the right patient for clear aligners if you have minor underbites and overbites concerns.

How does Clear Aligners Treatment Work?

Before starting your treatment, your dentist may have to perform an extensive physical exam to check your teeth. Your doctor may also carry out imaging tests, including X-rays, impressions, scans, and photographs of your teeth. The process of these tests helps to confirm a diagnosis and then develop a treatment plan for you. Your doctor then creates the impression of your teeth then inserts them. The aligners will apply gentle pressure to allow the repositioning of your teeth. Clear aligners move the teeth a bit as time progresses till they achieve the correct repositioning. Your doctor may recommend wearing your aligners for up to 22 hours daily to achieve maximum results. You will need to replace the aligners with a new set every two weeks and continue until your doctor confirms the teeth are aligned.

What are the Advantages of Clear Aligners?

Firstly, aligners are almost invisible, which makes them hardly noticeable. Secondly, you can remove them when you need to eat, brush, and during small short breaks. However, there may be a few things to note about aligners that may not be likable. Staining the aligners with colored and flavored drinks may lead to the development of cavities in the teeth. Also, discomfort may tempt one to remove the aligners, thus reducing their effectiveness in aligning the teeth. The best way to ensure you achieve results with aligners may be to take care of them as you would your teeth.

Consult your orthodontist today at Gaiduchik Orthodontics if you want to learn more about clear aligners. Depending on your goals, your care provider will suggest the best treatment option. You can be sure of expert care from the team of service providers. Call or visit the facility today. You can choose to request an online appointment from the website.

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