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Things You Should Know Before Getting Botox Injections

Most people wish to have youthful-looking skin throughout their lives. Unfortunately, aging is inevitable, accompanied by wrinkles and sagging skin. To maintain healthy skin, you can try various cosmetic treatments, including Botox injections. Botox® Clifton has been gaining popularity as some people are nervous about the idea of surgical operation. If you are suffering from sagging skin or wrinkles, getting a Botox injection can help. But before getting it, there are some important things you should know about Botox injections, including the following.

Botox Injections are Temporary

The constructive results of the procedure can last for approximately six months before seeking another treatment. It does not offer permanent outcomes, but you can get new treatments once older outcomes disappear. The time frame for a successful result depends on several factors, such as digestion, the severity of your damaged skin, and how many times you work out. Regardless of the neurotoxin, you attempt, the result will not last forever.

Outcomes Do Not Show Up Instantly

During the first few days, you may be even left wondering if your dermatologist even did anything. However, with time around fourteen days after treatment, you will start seeing the full impact of the Botox injections. The longevity you wait to see the result relies on factors like the area treated, depth of the indentation, and other variables. If more binding sites are contained in your nerves, you are more likely to experience faster outcomes.

Bruising is Normal

These injections are injected below the skin’s surface using a fine needle, indicating it does not cause bruising like fillers. In some instances, the needle can hit one blood vessel leading to bruising. They, however, fade on their own after some days. Some practitioners may recommend a next-day appointment to treat bruises using a laser treatment eliminating the bruises within 24 hours.

The Procedure is Safer under Correct Situations

Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic procedure, so you do not have safety concerns. However, if provided by an unqualified person, it is highly likely ineffective. If done correctly, it offers several health benefits and anti-aging effects. For instance, most individuals report that it alleviates migraines and extreme sweating. Therefore, you should research, consult and read reviews before receiving the Botox injections.

Botox Does Not Eliminate Wrinkles Completely

Although Botox effectively addresses aging symptoms, it does not completely remove wrinkles. The procedure only fades the appearance of wrinkles and prevents new ones from developing. It only removes certain wrinkles, particularly those forming with facial expressions. Other wrinkles, commonly known as static wrinkles, appear even when the skin is relaxed and cannot be removed through injections.

A Follow-up Appointment is Crucial

Normally, all muscles are created differently. As a result, one side of the face can be stronger than the other, meaning one part may require more treatment than the other. However, it can be difficult for your practitioner to know the stronger side during the first appointment. To ensure your receive the right facial structure injections, you may need to return to your physician after some weeks.

Having wrinkles and sagging skin can be frustrating and even affect your confidence. If you are tired of trying different treatments with no visible result, worry no more because the solution lies with Je Lu Ja Spa, located in Clifton, New Jersey. The spa comprises experienced expert Maged Boutros, MD, offering BotoxR injections to rejuvenate your skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Call the spa or request an appointment online today to enjoy these services.

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