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Services Offered at Prairie Garden Medical

Before deciding that you will receive all your medical services from a certain healthcare facility, it is essential to try and search or inquire more about the services they offer and their prices to ensure your needs are met. You should also ensure you can afford these services and ensure they are within your budget. In Prairie Garden Medical, you can receive services such as knee replacement, primary care, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, and physical therapy. However, you should learn and understand how the procedures are performed, including the technologies used to ensure you are okay and comfortable. Discussed below are some of the services offered by the facility:

Shoulder replacement

Shoulder replacement is typically a surgical procedure that focuses on removing the damaged parts of your shoulder joint and replacing them using artificial materials. In most cases, the procedure can be used to replace all parts or some parts of your shoulder joint, including the collarbone, humerus, shoulder socket or glenoid, and scapula. Even though shoulder replacement surgery is not as common as knee or hip replacement, it is also very effective in alleviating chronic shoulder pain. Shoulder replacement effectively manages conditions such as avascular necrosis, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tear arthropathy, severe shoulder fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis.

Hip replacement

It is also a surgical procedure involving prosthetic material changing all or part of a damaged hip joint. The hip joint is the largest weight-bearing joint in the body and is essential in connecting your upper leg bones to your pelvis. The primary function of your hips is to offer stability while walking and standing. Like other weight-bearing joints, your hip joint is more likely to suffer from degenerative conditions and painful injuries. Therefore, most care providers may recommend hip replacement to help improve hip joint function and alleviate pain.

Primary care

Primary care involves certain practices as part of home-based services to help promote your health. The facility has a team of specialists with multidisciplinary and extensive services all in one place. In most cases, the practice provides consistent and accessible care for your entire life. Primary care services are offered to every patient and aim at meeting the needs of each patient. Primary care services include illness care, daycare, pharmacy, injury care, radiology, annual physicals, and physical therapy, among others.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy involves using various manual therapy, exercises, and techniques to help improve your muscles’ stability, strength, and balance and reduce pain. The care providers usually use innovative techniques and tools to ease your pain at every step. Physical therapy is recommended before and after knee or hip replacement surgery.

Additional facilities available include meniscus tear, ACL tear, rotator cuff tear, hand, and upper extremity surgery, lab services, foot and ankle surgery, and radiology. Therefore, if your care provider recommends any of the above services, especially if you have tears or suffering from degenerative joint disease. You can schedule your appointment at Prairie Garden Medical and receive the necessary services to ensure your needs are taken care of. You can also visit their website and learn in detail what each of the services offered entails.

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