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How to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Many men struggle with erectile dysfunction, but only a few are willing to seek help. While it may seem like an emasculating disorder, it is a medical condition that, if not treated, can result in additional complications. If you are looking for noninvasive treatments for Downingtown erectile dysfunction, MELORA Health & Enhancement should be your ultimate choice.

What you should know about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, locally known as impotence, is the inability to achieve an erection and maintain its firmness for sexual intercourse. It is normal to experience erection difficulties occasionally, but if it is frequent, it can result in low self-esteem and stress and affect your sexual relationship with your partner. Erectile dysfunction can indicate an underlying medical condition that, if left untreated, can elevate your risk of heart disease and other life-threatening disorders.

In some cases, erectile dysfunction may occur for no reason. In such cases, your provider may recommend stimulating blood flow to your penis to alleviate your symptoms. Although erectile dysfunction can affect young and older adults, it is more prevalent in older and middle-aged men. Another signature symptom of erectile dysfunction is reduced sexual desire. If you experience sexual issues like delayed or premature ejaculation, talk to your family physician. If you also have heart disease or diabetes, or any other medical condition that could cause the problem, consult your doctor.

Factors contributing to erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to trauma, psychological states like depression, or neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis or vascular disease. Specific medications can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. If you also smoke tobacco or have had injuries or surgeries around the pelvic area, you may have an elevated risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Your brain triggers several physical events that result in an erection, beginning with sexual excitement. Several emotional or physical factors can interfere with your sexual feelings, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

The relationship between depression and erectile dysfunction

Depression can interfere with more than just your emotional health. In some men, this psychological disorder can affect their sexual health leading to erectile dysfunction. Most men with this disorder may feel less manly, stressed, and frustrated and have low self-esteem, worsening their depression. The first step to treating ED is acknowledging your depression and pinpointing the cause. The MELORA Health & Enhancement caring team offers a comfortable environment that encourages you to open up about the cause of your depression before conducting a medical exam and recommending treatment. They may also teach you how to cope with depression and improve your quality of life.

Available treatments for erectile dysfunction

During your initial appointment at MELORA Health & Enhancement, your provider may discuss your symptoms, review your medical history and perform a comprehensive physical exam. The team may conduct blood hormone studies, duplex ultrasound, or a nocturnal penile tumescence to detect the precise cause of your erectile dysfunction. Your provider may recommend oral medications, penile injections, vacuum devices, and penile implants in severe cases.

If you are having trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection, call the MELORA Health & Enhancement office or book an appointment online for treatment.

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