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How Can Your Face Benefit from Botox Injections?

Fine lines and wrinkles can affect your self-esteem and confidence but worry not; Botox injections are available and effective. You can have Botox treatment at AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta and regain youthful-looking facial skin. It is a quick procedure that requires minimal downtime.

Botox injections come in different brands like Xeomin and Dysport, which have different strengths, but your dermatologist will discuss the most suitable for you.

How to prepare

Your specialist will look at your medical history and the medications you are currently taking. Blood thinners, muscle relaxants, and allergy medications are some of the medicines that your specialist might recommend stopping or changing before your procedure.

If you take alcohol, try holding it off for a while before the procedure to minimize your risk of bruising or bleeding.

The process

Botox injections are not painful, but you can experience discomfort. Although you might not need a numbing agent, your dermatologist can apply a numbing cream to ease your pain if you are afraid of needles.

The procedure involves your dermatologist injecting specific muscles of your face with the Botox solution. Depending on the solution your specialist will use, you might need more or fewer units of the shots. 

The solution works by blocking the signals from your nerves to your muscles. While your nerves can signal your muscles to move, Botox will prevent the action by ensuring the signal never reaches your muscles. By doing so, your muscles will remain relaxed, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The benefits

Botox injections are more beneficial than other treatment options, like a facelift, because of the recovery duration. With Botox, you don’t need weeks to recover, but a few days would suffice. The following are the most common benefits of Botox treatments.

Enjoy wrinkle-free facial skin

Smile lines or nasal folds can make you look older than you are, and Botox treatments will ensure you have a more relaxed look. The treatment works to limit the appearance and effect of repetitive facial actions.

Boost your confidence

Once you have the treatments, you will realize that many people notice how you look. You will receive more compliments because your face will look younger with outstanding results.

Quick recovery

Since Botox injections don’t involve cutting or suturing your skin, they will take minimal recovery time, and you will resume your normal routine in record time.


The recovery from Botox injections requires no downtime because you can resume your daily activities the same day. However, you should avoid touching or rubbing your face unnecessarily days after your treatment. For better recovery, you should not apply pressure on the treated area.  

After your treatment, avoid sleeping on your face to avoid rubbing the treated areas. Avoid applying makeup until your skin is ready for the first few days after treatment.

If you have fine lines and wrinkles, visit AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta for Botox injections. You will meet qualified and experienced specialists ready to offer personalized treatment after a thorough evaluation. Call or schedule an appointment online and enjoy better-looking skin.

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