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Handicap 1 Ball and Summary of Effective Playing Experience

Handicap 1 goal Essentially a type of Asian handicap. This type of bet is becoming more and more popular because of its relatively high payout rate and simple gameplay. If you are not clear about the rules and regulations of the game, come to this article to get the most detailed answers from Trang Chủ New88

Learn about the 1-goal handicap

This is a type of bet based on the difference in form and class of the two teams. This handicap will help the weaker team have an advantage, on par with the opposing team. The upper team, also known as the stronger team, will accept the lower team, also known as the weaker team, by 1.0 points.

It can be simply understood as follows:

  • When the match ends, the weaker team will have an additional goal added to the final result. That means the stronger team will have to win by a gap of two goals or more.
  • If the distance is one goal, the result is a draw.
  • If there is a draw or a loss for the strong team, the players who placed the upper bet will lose.

The advantage of this type of bet is that there is no case of half winning or half losing. The bettor can only fall into two cases: Win all the money and lose all the money.

When does a 1-goal handicap usually appear?

This type of bet often appears in a match where there is a large difference between the two teams. The difference is evaluated based on many different factors such as ability, body shape,…

Below are some times that frequently appear Handicap 1 goal New88:

  • In international tournaments such as Euro, World Cup, etc. Teams will be randomly placed against each other so large differences can occur. For example, the match between Brazil and South Korea in the recent 2022 World Cup.
  • High-ranked teams and low-ranked teams based on rankings. However, the weaker team plays at home so the handicap coefficient is one. On the contrary, if the weaker team plays away from home, the handicap coefficient is 2.

In addition, this type of bet often occurs in ranking matches or qualifying for important qualifying rounds. Stronger and weaker teams will compete together, so applying this type of bet is completely appropriate and fair.

Revealing the detailed operation of the 1-goal handicap

Understanding the basic operating principles of this type of bet is extremely necessary and important for every player. As follows:

  • In case the team with the upper odds wins more than the team with the lower odds by two or more goals with the final scores such as 2-0, 3-1, 3-0,… Those of you who bet on the odds above will win according to the rate previously given by the house. Otherwise, the underdog will lose the entire bet.
  • In case the team with the upper odds wins more than the team with the lower odds by only one goal and the final scores such as 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc. Those who bet on 2 ways The entire amount previously bet will be refunded.

In case the stronger team loses to the weaker team by any score, those who bet on the underdog will win. On the contrary, those who follow the above call will lose and lose all previous bets.

Screenshot 2

Experience in playing 1-handicap handicap from experts

Knowing how to play is one thing, but whether you win or lose is another. To win, players need to grasp tricks and experience and then apply them flexibly.

Bet on home team and away team

Home field is an advantage for the home team. Usually, veteran experts often rely on field factors to place appropriate bets. Game rules based on field factors are detailed as follows:

  • Away team: Away teams usually do not have home field advantage, but a handicap of 1 proves that this is the stronger team. No matter which team has stronger ability, you should choose the away team to bet.
  • Home team: The school team has the home field advantage but is not allowed a handicap. In case the home team’s handicap is higher, choose the away team and vice versa.

Bet based on the correlation between the two teams

This is an effective way of playing that is highly appreciated by experts. You should analyze the performance and strength correlation between the two teams to make a placing choice Handicap 1 goal most correct.

Players should analyze and determine which team has performed better in the last five matches. Then analyze based on the rankings of the force situation and the starting lineup. Try applying this method in practice to verify its effectiveness.

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Above is some useful and necessary information Handicap 1 goal. Hopefully the information we share will help you better understand this type of bet. What are you waiting for, come experience this attractive bet today.

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