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Gestational Surrogacy: Things You Should Know

Gestational surrogacy is a type of surrogacy where the child is not genetically related to the surrogate mother. It is, at the current time, the most popular method of surrogacy. It is also called IVF surrogacy or host surrogacy. The surrogate mother does not donate her eggs in this type, resulting in no genetic relation between the child and the surrogate mother.

If you are considering having a baby through gestational surrogacy, speak to a professional at the surrogacy agency san diego ca to learn more about the process and risks of having a surrogate baby.

Who prefers going for gestational surrogacy?

  • Same-sex couples who are intending to be parents
  • Couples that have been struggling with infertility
  • Couples that want their baby to be genetically related to them and not the surrogate mother
  • Single parents who want to raise a child by themselves
  • Couples who are unable to carry a pregnancy safely

How can you find a surrogate?

Looking for a surrogate can be complicated, as having similar values and beliefs with your surrogate is important. This ensures peace of mind and makes the process of surrogacy and legal dealings easier.

In gestational surrogacy, you can contact an agency to look for a surrogate or ask someone you are acquainted with to become a surrogate if they are willing to.

  • Contacting an agency

Agencies can help find you a surrogate and extend support throughout the matching process with the surrogate. Asking your doctor to advise you on some good agencies to start with is wise and advisable. Make sure to research well to avoid experiencing fraud or scams.

Always make sure to meet with your matched surrogate to discuss and inquire about their services to ensure a smooth surrogacy process. You will have to pay both the agency you contacted and the surrogate they found for you, but fees vary from country to country.

  • Asking your acquaintance

Asking someone you know, like a friend or family member, to be your surrogate can be a lot easier than going through an agency to look for one. You could have natural compatibility with your surrogate when it is someone you are familiar with. You might even be required to pay less and find it easier to trust your surrogate.

But surrogacy is a complicated process, and there are a lot of aspects you need to keep in mind before going through with it. Legal, psychological, and ethical aspects should always be discussed and maintained to avoid straining or complicating the relationship between you and your surrogate.

For more information, contact an expert today!

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