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Everything You Need to Know About Same-Day Discharge Surgeries

Same-day discharge surgeries involve going home on the same day after treatment. In the past, joint replacement surgery patients used to stay in medical facilities for several days to recover. With the current advanced technology in the medical field, you can go home the same day after joint replacement treatment. Whether you are undergoing a total or partial knee or hip replacement, you can qualify for same day discharge Oklahoma City protocol. Your specialist will discharge you on the same day if you did not have any complications during surgery and can move with no or minimal assistance.

What makes you an ideal candidate for surgeries involving same-day discharge?

You are a good candidate for same-day discharge after hip and knee replacement surgery if you have overall good health. Your doctor may recommend same-day discharge if you do not require any cardiac or respiratory condition monitoring. If you walk without or with limited assistance before surgery, you can leave the hospital the same day after treatment. Only unilateral primary hip or knee replacement people qualify for same-day treatments.

What should you expect before same-day discharge surgery?

Before your surgery, you receive preoperative education, testing, and consultations with your orthopedic surgeon. Your surgeon works with your primary care doctor to optimize your health before surgery. If you have any underlying chronic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure, your condition should be stable and well-managed before surgery. Your specialist may recommend diet changes, weight loss, and specific exercises to increase your physical strength and endurance before surgery. The specialist will discuss the surgical process with you and instill confidence that you be safe during surgery and recovery.

What should you expect during same-day discharge surgery?

Your surgeon will schedule your surgery earlier in the day, so you will have enough time to recover from anesthesia and navigate all the post-treatment tasks you need to achieve to be released. The surgeon will use less intense anesthesia than in traditional cases to facilitate a quicker recovery. You will have adequate pain control, and anesthesia effects will wear off faster to allow you to gain mobility sooner and start the physical process earlier in the day. In most cases, you are discharged four to six hours after surgery.

What should you expect before you go home after surgery?

Despite being a candidate for same-day discharge, you must meet all post-surgery discharge metrics to be released. Your surgeon must confirm you can ambulate independently or with minimal assistance and that you have a caregiver at home.

Your surgeon must ensure you exhibit stable blood pressure and other vital signs. You must also urinate normally and control your pain with oral pain medications to be discharged the same day after treatment. Minimally invasive surgeries promote early mobility after treatment and rapid recovery and maintain safe and quality services, enabling same-day discharge.

Same-day discharge surgeries involve going home on the same day after treatment. Your vital signs must be stable, and you should exhibit mobility with no or minimal assistance to qualify for same-day discharge. You must also have a person to take care of you after surgery. Schedule an appointment at Mitchell Hip and Knee for same-day discharge surgery for a fast and safe recovery. 

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