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Common Consequences of Having Flat Feet

Your feet are the base of your whole body. Poor foot strength and alignment can be annoying because it hampers how you hold the body and can contribute to injuries. If you have flattened arches of your feet, you probably suffer from flat feet that occur with time due to wear and tear. Recently, flat feet The Woodlands have been one of the major causes of foot pain and misalignment. The condition is undesirable because it causes several consequences, including the following.

Chronic Muscle Strain

Normally, flat feet are incapable of keeping your body stable, like feet with a normal arch. As a result, flat feet make you more vulnerable to developing chronic muscle strain. This effect occurs because your body’s muscle is forced to shift to compensate for the foot’s lack of stability. Even though your body can adapt to the foot’s inadequate stability when performing your daily activities, increasing the activities by even a small amount can cause significant muscle strain.


Pronation is the inward roll of your feet that bends toward the inside edge of your foot. Experiencing some degree of pronation is okay, but individuals with flat feet report extreme pronation. As a result, the extreme pronation causes an unequal distribution of weight. Besides, your ankles may also roll inward. Overpronation makes your feet and leg unable to absorb shock efficiently, leading to troubles with your stability. Rather than the entire front of the foot working to move forward when walking or running, a small part of your foot performs most of the work, overstressing the big and second toes.

Back and Leg Pain

Ordinary feet are expected to maintain proper configuration of the entire body when you stand or walk. Unfortunately, flat feet do not offer a similar foundation for a healthy posture. When your foot collapses toward the ground, your lower leg usually rotates inward. The inward rotation is undesirable because it affects the entire leg, including the hips, that causes prolonged back and leg pain. If you experience persistent back and leg pain, it is high time you contact your healthcare provider for checkups and management.

Swollen feet and Tired Toes

Flat feet contribute to easy tiredness, mainly in the feet. It is impossible to go long distances compared to your friends and relatives. In most cases, it is unusual to experience numbness in your feet and ankles or experience calluses. Moreover, you may experience swelling when you stand or walk over short distances. As a result, you may become physically inactive, increasing the risks of other health complications, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Musculoskeletal Difficulties

Flat feet are the popular cause of general musculoskeletal problems and pain. Usually, your body balance starts in the feet. Whenever the feet fail to offer proper support, it increases the risks of experiencing joint problems resulting from poor posture and unnatural gait. Some of the most vulnerable musculoskeletal areas to suffer with flat feet include ankles, hips, feet, and knees.

The experience of flat feet can be devastating as it hinders you from carrying out your daily undertaking and increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. If you are a candidate having tried various treatment options without any visible results, consult Foot and Ankle Specialists found in The Woodlands, Texas. The specialists are determined to offer comprehensive podiatric care in their offices and telehealth when called if you prefer home-based treatment. To book an appointment, call or use their online link to book online today.

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