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Busting The Top 5 Myths Surrounding Disposable Vapes

Even if you’ve never experienced vaping for yourself, you’re likely aware of what others may have been saying about disposable vapes, such as: are disposable vapes safe?

Below are some common myths about disposable vapes, busted, which may help you decide whether you want to try them or not:

Myth number one:

They contain nicotine; therefore they’re just the same as cigarettes

While it is true that disposable vapes contain a small amount of nicotine (you can choose the strength of nicotine in the brand or product you purchase), this by no means makes them the same as cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive, that cannot be denied, but tobacco cigarettes contain a plethora of harmful chemicals and other additives, like tar, lead, carbon monoxide and even arsenic – these simply aren’t there in disposable vapes.

Some misleading news surrounding vapes and disposable e-cigarettes that you may have read about, also stated that the harmful chemical called ‘diacetyl’, was contained within the e-juices and can cause a nasty condition known as ‘popcorn lung’. Nowadays, however, you won’t find a single vaping product that contains this harmful chemical, or any other.

Myth number two:

Disposable vapes have a tendency to explode!

In theory, any product containing a battery, could explode and cause harm to the user, especially if used close to the face, but disposable vapes are no more dangerous than anything else you might use that contains a battery. Provided you’re vaping with a certified device, and not a fake, and use it according to the instructions that come with it, the risk of it exploding is virtually non-existent.

Myth number three:

Without the ingredients listed, disposables can’t be safe

The ingredients of a legitimate and non-counterfeit disposable vaping device will always be listed on the packaging, leaving you free to research any that you’re not familiar or comfortable with.

Myth number four:

Young people are attracted to smoking thanks to vaping

While it may be true that vaping using devices such as Lost Mary BM600 could appeal to the younger generation, those who take it up are usually the types of teenagers that would have been inclined to take up regular smoking. As it is, research has indicated that vaping among young people is declining, presenting parents and caregivers with no real cause for concern.

Myth number five:

Disposable vapes are soon to be banned for good

You may find that certain establishments and facilities don’t permit the use of vapes while on their premises, there is certainly no truth behind the rumour that disposable vapes (or any type of vaping product) are soon to be banned and outlawed.

In conclusion

With medical professionals in the UK admitting that vaping is a far safer activity for adults than smoking, there really is no reason to give it a try, if you feel inclined. Containing nicotine but no harmful chemicals, they can also be a fantastically effective tool for anyone trying to quit smoking, and make themselves healthier. While vaping may not be as safe as not vaping at all, there’s no doubt that it’s a safer alternative to smoking, and with the convenience of disposables, much easier to take up as and when you wish.

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