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Achieve Your Desired Silhouette With Body Contouring

Exercise and diet are excellent ways to achieve your ideal boy size and appearance, but stubborn fat pockets may interfere with these body goals. At Skin Deep Laser MD, the team offers noninvasive Fort Worth body sculpting treatments that reveal your hidden contours, giving you an attractive silhouette.

How body contouring enhances your physical appearance

Body contouring, locally known as body sculpting, is an aesthetic procedure that eliminates stubborn fat pockets, giving you your dream body contours. The procedure also eliminates extra skin, making you look more youthful and attractive. Although body contouring results in the loss of a few pounds, it is not an alternative for losing weight. It addresses the areas which are too stubborn for diet and exercise and reduces the loose skin after weight loss. To become eligible for this procedure, you must have a body mass index lower than 30 and be in excellent physical health.

How WarmSculpting with SculpSure works

WarmSculpting is a laser technique that uses laser energy to destroy unwanted fat. The heat penetrates your skin’s inner layers, disrupting and destroying the fat cells’ integrity. Your body then naturally eliminates the destroyed cells via natural waste removal systems. Sculpsure can address areas such as your back, flanks, abdomen, submental area, and thighs. Medical experts recommend SculpSure for people who have attained their ideal weight and wish to define their contours. The number of treatment sessions you need relies on your body contouring goals and treatment area.

A single SculpSure treatment session can result in 21% fat loss in the target area. Dr. Riehm thoroughly evaluates before creating a treatment plan tailored to meet your goals. SculpSure procedures don’t require topical numbing agents or anesthesia as they don’t involve needles, blood loss, or incisions. Most patients describe the procedure as a tolerable warm, tingly sensation. Compared to other body-contouring options like liposuction, Sculpsure requires no downtime. You’re free to embark on your daily activities immediately after your treatment. Most people schedule their SculpSure treatments during their lunch hour breaks and return to work or school afterward. This treatment destroys fat cells for good, leaving no room for regrowth. Unlike exercise and diet, which only shrink the fat cells, SculpSure eliminates the stubborn fat cells ensuring that your contours are long-lasting. You can maintain your results with regular exercise and a portion-controlled diet to avoid plumping the remaining fat cells.

Preparation tips for a body sculpting session

During your initial consultation, your doctor may instruct you on how to prepare for your treatment. You may need to avoid caffeine, heavy meals, and fatty foods a few hours before your treatment. Your doctor may advise against alcohol consumption a day before your appointment and remind you to take plenty of fluids. Ask the friendly and compassionate team at Skin Deep Laser MD if you have any questions or concerns about the treatment.

Contact the practice or book a treatment session online for body sculpting to achieve an attractive silhouette.

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