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5 Common Warning Signs Of Piriformis Syndrome

Situated in the buttocks, the piriformis muscle is crucial for leg rotation and regulating lower body motion. On the other hand, the sciatic nerve is a thick, long nerve close to the piriformis muscle that travels down the rear of the leg and connects with smaller nerves in the feet. If this nerve gets crushed, it could aggravate the piriformis muscle, triggering tingling, discomfort, and muscular spasms. This condition is referred to as piriformis syndrome. Unfortunately, Newtown piriformis syndrome is a rare disorder, which explains why it is frequently misdiagnosed. Here are the warning signs you should always look out for.

Numbness and Pain in the Buttocks

You will probably suffer numbness, tingling, or discomfort in the buttock area. Pain could be excruciating, occasionally even radiating along the whole sciatic nerve. You will likely have soreness in the top of the hips. Internal movement of the hips will exacerbate nerve discomfort.

If you have persistent, intense pain in your buttocks, especially around the hips, you should consult with a professional about the potential of piriformis syndrome. However, these concerns are often mistaken for piriformis syndrome, while it is myofascial pain.

Sitting Could Be Excruciating

The pressure sitting exerts on the piriformis muscle could cause muscle spasms and searing pain. In fact, prolonged sitting is among the most likely reasons for piriformis syndrome. After prolonged sitting, you might experience excruciating agony.

Sadly, numerous occupations demand extended periods of sitting, which could aggravate this issue. Physicians suggest getting up occasionally during the day, ideally every hour, even if it is merely going around the office or stretching your legs. Likewise, consider acquiring a standing desk that permits you to cycle between sitting and standing to alleviate buttock soreness.

A Slow, Gradual Pain

The Piriformis condition could manifest in numerous ways. Some person experience delayed and slow onset of pain, which worsens with prolonged sitting. After a little period of walking, you might progressively feel the ache. If the sciatic nerve is squeezed for an extended period, the discomfort could start as a dull aching before becoming increasingly intense and even debilitating.

Restricted Mobility  

The piriformis muscle is essential for most of the body’s movement. This muscle twists the femur laterally throughout hip flexion and is essential for not just walking but also maintaining balance and the ability to swivel the hips. If you have piriformis syndrome, your mobility will be severely impaired.

Specific muscle movements could induce sharp, pinching discomfort. For instance, walking up or down any incline engages the piriformis muscle, which can compress the sciatic nerve, causing pain that travels down the buttocks through the back of the thigh. The pain might be a searing sensation that is both severe and powerful. Thankfully, acute, scorching pain in these regions is probably triggered by myofascial pain and not piriformis disease.

Pelvic Tenderness

The piriformis muscle traverses the pelvic region between the sacrum and the femur’s top. If you have piriformis syndrome, you will experience tenderness in this region. In fact, you might even feel the precise location of the swollen muscle by extending your knee on a firm surface. If you are feeling pain, you could have piriformis syndrome.

Piriformis syndrome is a questionable diagnosis for pain in the buttocks and back of the thighs. While recent research indicates that piriformis syndrome exists, its prevalence is unclear, and no commonly acknowledged diagnostic test exists. Most bouts resolve in days or weeks with simple, at-home therapies and rest. However, consult your doctor if an injury triggers the pain or if symptoms persist for several weeks. Your pain management specialist will provide a more accurate diagnosis and deliver safe and effective therapies.

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